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robot uad juara 3 di korea

International Achievement of UAD Robotic Team

(FTI Press) Our faculty’s reporter had chance to conduct an interview to one of the R-SCUAD team member, who had won 2015 FIRA robotic contest. 2015 FIRA robotic contest was held in Daejoen, South Korea. He is Watra Arsadiando, one of the team member who acted as the architect of Universitas Ahamad Dahlan (UAD) robotic team. He is currently studying Electrical Engineering, and had collected both national and international achievement in robotic field. Besides Watra Arsadiando, R-SCUAD team members are Teuku Makmur Tsani, Yayan Destiantoro, and Mohammad Iqbalul Faiq Hatta. This team is coached by Mr. Nuryono Satya Widodo, S.T., M.Eng. They received two bronze medals (3rd position) for Weight Lifting and Wall Climbing category.

robot uad raih juara internasional

UAD Robotic Team told the faculty’s reporter about their journey to Daejoen, South Korea. Following is their story. On Sunday afternoon, August 2, 2015 we departed from Yogyakarta to Denpasar ( Bali ). After taking hours long flight, we finally arrived in Korea on Monday morning August 3 , 2015. After arriving in Korea we continued the journey by bus to the hotel that had been booked previously. We still adapt to the temperature and weather during our first day in Korea, considering that it was early summer in Korea. We also found that it was difficult to get halal food over there. Praise be to Allah, on the first day, we ate instant noodles as it was the only halal food we found.

On the second day, we registered to the competition and prepared the robot to the field in the race arena. In this competition we are included in Huro Cup (Humanoid Robot Cup) Kid division. We brought three robots to be joined into several race categories. The categories of race that we joined are: Wall climbing, Weight lifting, Sprint, Marathon,  Lift and Carry . We splitted our team members into two groups in which each group is responsible in each race category. The first group consists of Teuku Makmur Tsani and I ( Watra Arsadiando ). We are responsible for performing in three race categories, namely lift -and-carry, weight lifting and wall climbing. Whereas the second group consists of Yayan Destiantoro and Mohammad Faiq Hatta Iqbalul, they are  responsible for 2 race categories, namely Sprint and Marathon race.


In the first round match of weight lifting category, our robot  had been able to lift weights heavier than most other participants, but because the robot’s performance is not perfect, we did not get a point in the first day.  For the lift and carry category, we decided not to participate due the race track is very different from the condition existing in the rule, hence it took a very long time to change the robot motion. Although during the first day we did not gain a point, we kept the spirit to fight for the next day to compete in wall climbing category. Our robot successfully ranks second in this match category. On the third day we followed sprint and marathon match, but our robot could not reach the finish line so that we did not get full score in this category. On the following days, our robot could run smoothly, especially in weight lifting and wall climbing category.

International Achievement of UAD Robotic Team

Alhamdulillah, thanks to all prayers and spirit, UAD Robotic Team finally returned to Indonesia by taking two medals, especially in the category of weight lifting and wall climbing.  Both are 3rd position. We always thank God for the results that we have achieved today, thank Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Faculty of Industrial Technology, and Department of Electrical Engineering which has been supporting us so far, so that we can excel in the international arena.  Do not forget we also want to thank our parents, university and faculty leaders,  professors of Electrical Engineering Department, and of course, our coach who are always devote time for Electrical Engineering Robotic Team, Nuryono Satya Mr. Widodo, ST, M.Eng, as well as all friends who always pray for us to give the best results.

For our achievement today, we are grateful for prayers, efforts, and hard work of UAD Robotics Team who have supported us, and made our Electrical Engineering motto “Achievement is Our Tradition” comes real.

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