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Manida Swangnetr, Ph.D.CPE, Delivered A Public Lecture to Students of Department of Industrial Engineering

(FTI Press) To carry out ergonomics intervention programs especially in protecting workers from physical and cognitive damage requires some major initial step. Implementation of ergonomics intervention is started from design to implementation (participatory ergonomics) by taking reactive approach and proactive approach . The step was the intervention of ergonomics in the design that aims to protect workers from physical and cognitive damage from extreme working environment , making it beneficial for disabled people. The research results was presented by Manida Swangnetr, Ph.D.CPE ., ( Khon Khaen University Thailand ) at the public lecture organized by Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology University of Ahmad Dahlan ( UAD FTI ) .

Manida Swangnetr Delivered A Public Lecture to student of industrial engineering uad

Before performing a public lecture attended by hundreds of students of Industrial Engineering , Manida Swangnetr first received by the leaders of the university and the leaders of faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, namely Prof. Sarbiran , Ph.D. ( Vice- Rector for UAD ) , Kartika Firdausy , S.T. , M.T. ( Dean FTI ) , Choirul Bariyah , S , T . , M.T. ( Head of Department of Industrial Engineering) , representatives of the Office of International Affairs ( KUI ), as well as some lecturers of Department of Industrial Engineering . The public lecture took place on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 , starting at 08.30 am til 10.00 am.

Public Lecture from Universiti-Thailand

After the general lecture conducted, Manida Swangnetr, Ph.D.CPE, joined an intensive meeting and perform discussion with the stakeholders of Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. That discussion resulted in the appointment of one of Department of Industrial Engineering lecturers to take doctoral degree in Khon Khaen University (KKU). Scholarship will be provided by Faculty Technology Khon Khaen University (KKU). The appointed UAD lecturer to study in Khon Khaen University (planned by August 2016) is Agung Kristanto, S.T., M.T.

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